Young Thug – On the Rvn (EP)

Hello mudda fucka’s hey hi how ya durrn?! Today we will be getting into the newest release of Atlanta, GA rapper Young Thug, his newest EP On the Rvn. First up will be a scouting report, where I talk about his strengths and weaknesses as a rapper, best works and other notable things about him and his music. Then I will get into the track-by-track breakdown where I’ll make some notes about each song and give each one a rating out of 5. Finally, I will break it down with some final thoughts about the album itself and give it a final score out of 100 (see here for more detail on how I score tracks/albums). Without further ado, I’m goin in.

Scouting Report

  • Recently was arrested (again) for having a lot of illegal drugs and a firearm on him earlier this month. This is the second time in less than a year that he has been booked on similar charges (and posted bail just a few days after). I mention this because the arrest is the inspiration for the title of the EP.
  • Thug just put out a label compilation album with the rest of his label imprint (Young Stoner Life) a little over a month ago that was received well but not as well as Jefferey and Beautiful Thugger Girls, his two prior full-length solo works.
  • Thug puts out A LOT of music, a lot of EP’s in particular as well. This is his third release of 2018 (second EP) and his 5th release since this time last year (third EP in that timeframe).
  • Thug has received lots of praise throughout his career for having a very eclectic and unpredictable style in all aspects of his music from his beat selection, to his (many) cadences, his erratic ad-libs and melodic flow changes, and even at times completely ignores traditional hip-hop song structure.
  • His subject matter doesn’t stray too far from mainstream rap cliches in most cases and at times it is difficult to make sense of or even make out what he is saying, but a potential unforgettable quotable and his vocal delivery always keep the listener on his/her toes
  • Best songs prior to this release: “Stoner“, “Lifestyle (feat. Birdman & Rich Homie Quan)“, “Quarterback (feat. Migos & PeeWee Longway)“, “Kanye West (feat. Wyclef Jean)“, “Relationship (feat. Future)
  • Best project prior to this release: Slime Season


1. On the Run

  • Typical instrumental from London on da Track here, complete with airy synth, organ, steel drum, heavy 808s, hi-hats, and airhorn. Right up Thug’s alley
  • Spends too much time on the choruses and the bridge, this is a longer song by his standards  that deserved another verse to switch up the melody/flow in true Thugger fashion
  • Uses a flow that is very similar to ones that he’s done in past album collaborations recently, especially SUPER SLIMEY with Future, lots of signature Thug ad-libs
  • OVERALL: 3.5/5

2. Icey

  • Simpler beat this time on the surface, just a few sound effects that run throughout, builds to the chorus in different ways but works for Thug’s style
  • Chorus is typical Thugger flow and flaunts wealth, transitions to very impassioned, belting delivery on the bridge; exclaims his pride in able to give his multiple girlfriends jewelry and money, verses keep the same subject
  • OVERALL: 3.5/5

3. Climax (feat. 6LACK)

  • London on da Track instrumental, complete with beatbox intro, trap drums, 808s and a vocal sample, acoustic guitar during the chorus
  • Thugger delivers a melancholy chorus exclaiming his disappointment with his girlfriend leaving him, but then switching the flow every which way on his verse to make it
  • 6LACK, fresh off of his East Atlanta Love Letter album keeps up his red-hot form and compliments Thugger with a very fitting, somber-sounding verse of his own
  • OVERALL: 4/5

4. Sin (feat. Jaden Smith)

  • Instrumental on this track is relatively ordinary, nothing too special going on here, just typical bass and hi-hat patterns that we’ve heard on the EP already
  • Thug mentions some things apart from his usual flexes here, talks about the type of student he was in school also mentions how money stresses him out/makes him take Ritalin as well as lambasting others for hating women, insinuates that because he loves women he has many of them
  • Jaden Smith holds his own with the always eclectic Thugger when they trade verses throughout the song (Jaden-Thug-Chorus-Jaden-Thug-Chorus), his first verse is better than his second
  • OVERALL: 3.5/5

5. Real In My Veins (feat. T-Shyne)

  • Beat has a very nice electric guitar loop going through it, heavy bass and 808s on the low end, complete with lots of hi-hats, synth going through it completes the sound, fire instrumental by Supa Mario
  • Very emotional delivery from Thugger, passionate in the hooks and the bridges, seems very inspired and makes some very inspiring lyrics that talk about his ascent from the streets of Atlanta
  • Verses not as high pitched and switches his flow from a faster triplet flow in the first to more of a melodic style in the second
  • OVERALL: 4/5

6. High (feat. Elton John)

  • Released as a loosie called “Rocket Man Remix” named after the famous Elton John song that it samples a month before the EP release
  • Great sample from the chorus of the all-time classic Elton John song echoed by Thug’s unmistakable ad-libs and trap drums and 808s are worked in very well to the verses
  • Lyrics are all over the place in true Thugger fashion, melodic flow works very well here on this instrumental
  • OVERALL: 4/5

Final Thoughts

  • Good effort from Thug here; even though it is short, we get most everything that we expect from him, no bad songs or big misses creatively
  • Could have had a bit more diversity with his instrumental selection, but that is not saying that the beats are bad here; there are some very good ones, I’m just surprised that he didn’t throw anything in here that was completely new to his listeners like he usually does
  • Lyrical content remains what we expect from Thugger, which is… not much. I don’t expect him to be MF Doom but I do wish that he did switch it up a little bit in that regard especially since he seems to have no problem switching everything else up regarding his music
  • Hopefully this is just a teaser for something bigger that he has coming; he’s shown flashes of his best on this EP and pending his legal situation, he’s proven that the EP comes before the full-length project soon after

Final Score


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