Mozzy – Gangland Landlord

What’s up fellas?! Today we will be getting into the newest of many releases of Sacramento, CA rapper/shooter Mozzy Gangland Landlord. First up will be a scouting report, where I talk about his strengths and weaknesses as a rapper, best works and other notable things about the artist. Then I will get into the track-by-track breakdown where I’ll make some notes about each song and give each one a rating out of 5. Finally, I will break it down with some final thoughts about the album itself and give it a final score out of 100 (see here for more detail on how I score tracks/albums). Without further ado, let’s see what this fella’s got in store for us.

Scouting Report

  • Mozzy is almost definitely the most prolific artist regarding full-length project releases since the start of his rap career in 2011. In this timeframe, he has released a combined 35 (yes, you read that correctly) projects between solo and collaboration efforts. His first album that received significant mainstream attention was Mandatory Check in 2016, and since then he has released 6 solo projects along with most of his collaboration projects.
  • Mozzy is a gangster rapper through and through; almost the entirety of his content reflects on street life, revealing the good, the bad and the ugly. He is a member of the Oak Park Bloods gang in his native Sacramento and uses local slang and also refers to beef with rival gangs in his area on wax.
  • He is a frequent collaborator. Outside of having a collab project count in the double digits, he also is known to have lots of features on his own solo albums. As his name has gotten more prominent as an artist, the guest features on his records have also grown in profile, but he still uses a few of the same frequent collaborators that have been working with him for years that are relatively unknown to the mainstream media.
  • Strengths:
    • Doesn’t hesitate to show the bad side of the gangsta lifestyle, very open about the pain that the streets have caused him, also is capable of giving vivid detail of the horrors he’s seen growing up in the gang culture, very relatable to many of his intended audience and thus has grown him a strong fan base
    • Strong gangsta rap delivery; very good at evoking piercing and angry emotion particularly on his darker tracks
    • Knows his sound well after many albums perfecting his craft; picks beats that fit well with what he is; a gangsta rapper from California
  • Weaknesses
    • Has a very distinct vocabulary to the street culture of his particular region, almost E40-esque. If you are not familiar with the area or the street life, many of his lyrics will go over your head
    • At times glorifies violence and killing those in his own community due to his stringent gang ties
    • Sometimes due to the nature of his content and his beat selection, a lot of his music starts to sound the same after a lengthy solo project
  • Best Songs released before Gangland Landlord: “Bladadah,” “Pain Killers” “The People Plan,” Sleep Walkin,” “Seasons
  • Best Project released before Gangland Landlord: 1 Up Top Ahk


1. No Way (Intro)

Deep single verse from Mozzy over a drumless instrumental with a haunting distorted vocal sample where he talks his usual talk about his come up and struggle growing up in a gang environment to becoming a rap star. Good song. OVERALL: 4/5

2. One of Mines

More of a typical modern west coast gangsta rap beat; Mozzerellafella talks about going on gang missions and what can be seen and the consequences of not performing them properly. Spoken word chorus echoes the street content, not Mozzy’s best effort, average. OVERALL: 3/5

3. Not Impressive

Song was released in late August; instrumental is a modern twist on classic Bay Area one-hit-wonder “I Got 5 On It“. Classic Mozzy delivery and flow with one long verse, does the classic sample justice. Plenty of bars as well. OVERALL: 4/5

4. Thugz Mansion (feat. Ty Dolla $ign & YG)

This song is more or less a modern day rendition of 2Pac’s song of the same name, was also released on the 22nd anniversary of 2Pac’s death before the album release. The west coast trio was clearly very inspired as they went to work covering this classic; Ty killed the vocals on the hook and the bridge, and both Mozzy and YG bring solid verses, YG’s particularly stood out. OVERALL: 4.5/5

5. Dead Homies (feat. E Mozzy)

Mozzy is back to his shoot em up style of rap here over a sinister sounding instrumental. He talks about wanting to die like his friends that died in the streets; essentially shooting at his enemies until there isn’t anything left in the clip. His guest feature (and blood brother) E Mozzy speaks on similar matters. OVERALL: 3/5

6. Bands on Me (feat. A Boogie wit Da Hoodie, TeeJay3K & Blac Youngsta)

This instrumental is more spacey and vibey than the rest of the album has been so far. Mozzy gets away from his street content and really just flexes on this song, which normally sucks in most rappers cases, but it’s rare for him, so it’s alright, he deserves it. Blac Youngsta also performs well here, and a very catchy hook from TeeJay3K and A Boogie. OVERALL: 4/5

7. Keep Me Hustlin (feat. Rexx Life Rajj)

Softer instrumental complete with strings, vocal samples, and piano that gives Mozzy room to talk about his come about his come up. He touches on about how his family made such a come up from their humble beginnings and how he’s made his mother proud after stressing her out so much before. Rex Life Rajj is a frequent collaborator, short melodic verse at the end doesn’t impact song good nor bad. OVERALL: 4.5/5

8. Walk With a Limp (feat. YFN Lucci)

Might be the best beat on the entire project, amazing vocal sample and piano chords throughout with heavy bass & hi-hats. Mostly YFN Lucci’s song concerning content volume, he performs a long, melodic hook as well as the first verse and the outro; he croons his typical street spiritual on all of the above. Mozzy has a nice 16 bar verse where he talks about his come up. OVERALL: 4.5/5

9. Run It Up (feat. ScHoolboy Q & Caine)

Spacey vibe and deep bass on this instrumental with lots of underwater sounds, great beat. Caine has a strong autotuned hook that fits the vibe of the song very well. Mozzy comes with a spoken word verse where he flexes and talks about a female interest. ScHoolboy Q has a unique verse by his standards; he comes with the same sort of content Mozzy does but delivers it in a melodic style, and the first 8 bars are in autotune, but delivers it very well. OVERALL: 4/5

10. My Brudda 2x (feat. CellyRu & Trae tha Truth)

Upbeat, very Northern California instrumental, very bouncy. Mozzy gets back on his street shit for this verse as well as CellyRu where they spit typical gangsta rap content as well as shout out their “brothers” amongst the posturing. Trae’s verse is on some street shit too but his is more rooted in the brother aspect. Catchy spoken word hook from Mozzy tho. OVERALL: 3.5/5

11. Black Hearted

Slower beat with heavy beat and a constant vocal sample “why do you hurt me so bad”. Mozzy waxes poetic again about his come up in the streets, he talks specifically about taking painkillers to ease the stress of the streets, roaches in the dishes, his mom’s boyfriend kicking his mother and her kids out of the house and how his own dad is in jail. Hook echoes his feelings towards all of the pain he’s felt. Very heartfelt song. OVERALL: 4.5/5

12. Walk Up

Upbeat, chill vibe, Northern Cali instrumental with a funky bassline, very catchy. First verse talks about how most people in the streets aren’t going to be loyal to you when shit goes sour, and the second is mostly street posturing as well as the chorus, but despite the negativity, the chorus is still catchy. OVERALL: 4/5

13. Excuse Me (feat. Yhung T.O., Too $hort & Dcmbr)

Another upbeat instrumental, more of a club vibe, very Bay-Area and catchy. Dcmbr, a frequent Mozzy collaborator, sets the tone by crooning about a girl that he wants attention from. Mozzy follows this lead as well as Yhung T.O. Too $hort spits a classic, tells a hilarious story about stealing some dude’s girl and having her buy him new cars with her boyfriend’s credit card. OVERALL: 4/5

14. Famous (feat. Yo Gotti, Iamsu! & DeJ Loaf)

This is an Iamsu! song that came out in 2015. The only difference is that Mozzy & Yo Gotti’s verses replace K Camp & Iamsu!’s. Iamsu!’s hook is kept as well as Dej Loaf’s original verse. Disappointed as this song wasn’t that great to begin with and also that it was mixed lazily; you can still hear K Camps voice at a point. OVERALL: 2.5/5

15. Who Want Problems

Bay Area style instrumental again, bouncy and has a funky bassline. Mozzy’s hook invites armed confrontation unapologetically claiming that he’s down to shoot you over a problem. Verses mostly are all about street posturing with plenty of blood references. Pretty cliche gangster rap song, promotes violence. OVERALL: 2.5/5

16. Choke on Me

Funky bassline on this instrumental, but it has more of a dark tone and lower BPM than the rest of the beats with basslines like this. The first verse is mostly gang posturing, second verse talks about representing for Sacremento and people from the ghetto as well as flexing a few times at points in both. Average Mozzy song. OVERALL: 3/5

17. Run to the Mansion

Instrumental is different than the rest of the ones on the album; upbeat with heavy hi-hats and bass but has a reflective and positive vibe to it. Hook references his youngin’s and how they will be able to run to his new mansion to escape a murder if they need it. Verses talk about the adversity he overcame and how he celebrates by buying houses, fancy cars and blowing a bag as well as the occasional street posturing. OVERALL: 4/5

18. Tear Me Down (Outro) [feat. Rayven Justice]

Instrumental is entirely made up of piano chords; no drums, makes for a touching performance. An emotional hook from frequent Mozzy collaborator Rayven Justice that fits the beat perfectly. Mozzy spits one verse that is extremely poignant referencing the street life and being caught in the system, and how he copes with the stresses and his brother being incarcerated. The only issue is that the song is too short; love this from Mozzy and would’ve liked to hear more. OVERALL: 4.5/5

Final Thoughts

  • Mozzy keeps it consistent with both his sound and his content throughout the project as expected, the only time he really changed it up were the songs that he made that were more radio-friendly like “Run it Up” and “Excuse Me”
  • He shows us all aspects of the street life; gives us confident street posturing, come-up-from-nothing motivation, and also the unfortunate realities of growing up in the ghetto over the course of this project
  • The project is a bit on the long side and also drags on specifically towards the end, he didn’t need many of the songs towards the end of the project, especially not the repackage of Iamsu!’s “Famous”
  • Again Mozzy falls victim to glorifying violence on some occasions where he boasts in the name of his gang over the course of a few songs where the music and/or the lyricism isn’t good enough to make up for it
  • Overall, a pretty good project with a lot of good songs and heartfelt street music that met expectations. Not quite as good as 1 Up Top Akh in terms of overall sound but rapping performances are just as good for the most part


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