QUAVO HUNCHO, Ella Mai, & “A”

Hey guys, long time no read! Unfortunately, due to other commitments I didn’ t have time to write out the full comprehensive reviews for my three projects of the week, so here I am going to give you the abridged version. This week my chosen projects were Quavo’s much-anticipated solo project QUAVO HUNCHO, Ella Mai’s self-titled release Ella Mai and Usher & Zaytoven’s collaborative project “A,” short for Atlanta. I’m going to give you guys the numeric ratings for all the tracks, some quick final thoughts on the project as well as the overall score. Without further ado, ima let you know what’s really really good with these projects.



  2. PASS OUT (feat. 21 Savage): 4.5/5
  4. FLIP THE SWITCH (feat. Drake): 4/5
  5. GIVE IT TO EM (feat. Saweetie): 3.5/5
  6. SHINE: 4/5
  7. WORKIN ME: 3/5
  8. HOW BOUT THAT?: 3/5
  9. CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ (feat. Madonna & Cardi B): 3.5/5
  10. KEEP THAT S**T (feat. Takeoff): 4.5/5
  11. F**K 12 (feat. Offset): 3/5
  12. LOSE IT (feat. Lil Baby): 3.5/5
  13. RERUN (feat. Travis Scott): 4/5
  14. GO ALL THE WAY: 4.5/5
  15. LAMB TALK: 3.5/5
  16. BIG BRO: 4/5
  17. SWING (feat. Normani & Davido): 4.5/5
  18. BUBBLE GUM: 3.5/5
  19. LOST (feat. Kid Cudi): 4/5

Final Thoughts

  • Quavo has become my least favorite Migo stylistically over the past 2 years. Since the release of Culture, he has gotten away from bar work (which he is good at) and primarily stuck to the same airy auto-tuned delivery and hasn’t done much to branch out from that, and this album is no different minus a few tracks.
  • As a songwriter, Quavo is the best Migo in that regard. Can write and deliver excellent hooks and hilarious ad-libs and quotables at any notice. He has instances of this on this album, but not as many as he has on projects with the Migos where he has become more of the designated hook/melody member of the group
  • Some outstanding songs that showcase him at his very best, but much of the songs are somewhat mundane and predictable and are saved in score by impressive instrumentals and feature performances; didn’t need to be nearly as long as it was
  • Didn’t live up to expectations of the masses IMO, but this is precisely what I expected this album to be based on Quavo’s performances on Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho; Quality Control: Control the Streets Volume 1; and Culture II. With that said, knowing his talent level and the quality of his performances before these projects, this is still disappointing to me as a Migos fan since Y.R.N.
  • FINAL SCORE: 72/100

Ella Mai – Ella Mai


  1. Emotion: N/A
  2. Good Bad: 4/5
  3. Dangerous: 4/5
  4. Sauce: 3.5/5
  5. Whatchamacallit (feat. Chris Brown): 3/5
  6. Cheap Shot: 4/5
  7. Shot Clock: 4/5
  8. Boo’d Up: 4.5/5
  9. Everything (feat. John Legend): 4/5
  10. Own It: 4.5/5
  11. Run My Mouth: 3.5/5
  12. Gut Feeling (feat. H.E.R.): 3.5/5
  13. Trip: 4.5/5
  14. Close: 4.5/5
  15. Easy: 4/5
  16. Naked (Bonus Track): 4.5/5

Final Thoughts

  • Ella Mai is DJ Mustards first R&B signee. I caught wind of her when she released the breakup anthem “She Don’t (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)” and it became one of my favorite songs immediately.
  • Since the release of “Boo’d Up” last year, she has catapulted to the top of Urban Radio with not only that summer smash but also her second single “Trip”. This single was popularized by fellow young R&B standout Jacquees with an infamous Quemix of the song which was doing so well that it got taken down from YouTube and SoundCloud by order of DJ Mustard
  • Her debut album does not disappoint. No bad songs minus maybe the cheater’s anthem with Chris Brown, but even that has got a very catchy quality to it
  • Her album has a nice flow to it, everything is done in sequence from her pursuing a man, falling in love, making mistakes in the relationship, having doubts, all the way to her eventual heartbreak
  • Ella is an excellent and versatile vocalist. She works very well on both upbeat instrumentals as well as stripped down, slower ballads
  • On her debut, she proves she can excel not only with radio-friendly R&B singles but also by delivering a top-end full body of work.
  • FINAL SCORE: 82/100

Usher x Zaytoven – “A”


  1. Stay at Home (feat. Future): 4/5
  2. ATA: 4.5/5
  3. Peace Sign: 4/5
  4. You Decide: 4.5/5
  5. Birthday: 3.5/5
  6. She Ain’t Tell Ya: 4/5
  7. Say What U Want: 4/5
  8. Gift Shop (feat. Gunna): 3/5

Final Thoughts

  • This was a surprise project, Usher let us know via Twitter and Instagram that he was dropping this project until less than 24 hours before its release on Usher’s 40th birthday
  • Also a surprise project due to the fact that the collaboration between the prolific trap producer who usually produces for the likes of Gucci Mane, Future, Migos, Young Thug and other Atlanta street rappers decided to link up with an Atlanta R&B artist who’s career doubles (and even triples) in length of those he usually works with
  • Usher seems looser stylistically on this project than normal; Zaytoven’s upbeat style of production gives Usher freedom to ride the beat, almost like a rapper does that approaches the beats for a more melodic style (see Future, Young Thug, Quavo and most of the other Atlanta rappers that Zaytoven frequently works with)
  • The big difference between Usher and Zaytoven’s usual clientele is that Usher is not only an amazing melody writer, he also has an amazing natural singing voice and is able to showcase his vocal talent on Zaytovens instrumentals
  • Does miss at times where he tries to emulate the Zaytoven clientele regarding his lyrical content but is just as sharp as he’s ever been on tracks like “ATA” & “You Decide.”
  • Overall pretty good for a project that had many intriguing possibilities after it’s announcement on short notice
  • FINAL SCORE: 79/100

Albums I Missed

Shy Glizzy – Fully Loaded

Shy Glizzy (also known as Jefe) is a street-based rapper from DC. His stylistics include a demonstrative and confident spoken word delivery, not overly lyrical; relies mostly on projecting his emotion onto the track. His lyrical content contains lots of street shit, some motivational talk, and the occasional heartfelt, deep track. Many big features on this as well as production from big names, including Zaytoven.

Belly – Immigrant

Belly, a Weeknd XO artist who has been in the game 10+ years as a writer dropped his third full-length project in as many years, referencing his status as a first generation Palestinian-Canadian. He dropped a project last year called Mumble Rap that essentially mocked the subgenre, delivering more than a few memorable lyrical performances on said project. He also is known for writing for The Weeknd himself, so he is also adept at penning melodies as well. He has a very versatile skill set as a hip-hop artist and is also not afraid to be vulnerable on his records. This album is packed with high profile guest features and production credits as well.

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