MIH-TY – Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign

Group projects are becoming remarkably played out. With that said, this collaboration is something that could actually work. As two of the leading names in contemporary R&B, coupled with the fact that they have definite working chemistry with each other, this project would have garnered higher expectations if it wasn’t for the abundance of mediocre collab projects that have come out in 2018. Both Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign have given us stellar new-age R&B projects as well as collaborated to great effect on each other’s songs in years past. Both of them have similar skill sets as artists; they both thrive as songwriters more so than actual vocalists and are also both elite level musicians with really good production ears. Ty Dolla $ign is the more talented of the two in my opinion (and has had more commercial success), but all in all, despite the growing oversaturation of group projects, this has the potential to be a really good collaboration because it makes sense on all fronts. However, as always, we need to see what’s really REALLY good with this project.

Scouting Report


  • Has been quiet regarding his musical output recently, this is his first project of any kind since a collaborative holiday mixtape release with Chance the Rapper in 2016
  • More of a songwriter than a vocalist, but he does command a strong falsetto, and uses it to great effect when he couples it with his normal singing voice
  • Best Songs before MIH-TY: Birthday Sex,” “Don’t Tell Em (feat. YG)“, “Remember Me
  • Best Project before MIH-TY: Late Nights

Ty Dolla $ign

  • Very impressive artist resume all around has had gold and platinum singles himself as well as writing credits for platinum singles for other artists
  • When completely immersed in his R&B bag, he is one of the most talented artists in hip-hop; versatile elite level songwriter. collaborator and musician/ear for production
  • Very consistent regarding bodies of work he’s put out as well
  • Best Songs before MIH-TY: Paranoid (feat. B.o.B.)“, “Solid (feat. Babyface)“, “Love U Better (feat. The-Dream & Lil Wayne)
  • Best Project before MIH-TY: Free TC (Deluxe)


As always, make sure you refer here for a reference guide on how albums and tracks are scored.

  1. The Light: Impressive opening track here, was released earlier this year but still just as good. Excellent hook from Jeremih, surprisingly outshines Ty on this track. 4/5
  2. Goin Thru Some Thangz: Instrumental plays more to Jeremih’s sound , relatively generic instrumental and lyrical content. Nothing special from either Ty or Jeremih. 3/5
  3. FYT (feat. French Montana): Short for Fucking You Tonight, Biggie song. Ty did a remake of the same song by himself and outshines Jeremih here. Generic French verse, but good song 4/5
  4. Perfect Timing: Very good instrumental, great chorus and collaborative melody from Ty and Jeremih, both good performances vocally and regarding songwriting. 4/5
  5. New Level: Excellent Dru Hill sample, wish it didn’t get muffled so much. Repetitive chorus but decent bridge and verses. Jeremih slightly outshines. 3.5/5
  6. Take Your Time: Good beat, but wish that the vocal performances were a little bit better by both artists here especially on the verses, average song despite the beat. 3/5
  7. These Days: Again, a nice sample that gets too muffled. Jeremih slightly outshines Ty on this song, good first verse. Other than that, relatively average. 3/5
  8. Surrounded (feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa):  Good beat and cinematic chorus from Chris Brown, best part of the song. Ty, Jeremih, and Wiz give us all very average verses on this attempt at a hit. 3.5/5
  9. Lie 2 Me: Good beat, caters more to Jeremih than Ty who acts like a feature on this song. Good chorus from Jeremih also but verses don’t necessarily live up to it. 3.5/5
  10. Ride It: Very catchy hook from Jeremih, instrumental to match. Potential strip club anthem, nothing too complicated, fun song. 4/5
  11. Imitate: Slow, downtempo R&B instrumental. Best collaboration on the album; both Ty and Jeremih are all the way in their R&B bag on this one for the first time, and it hits. 4/5

Final Thoughts

Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih’s storied chemistry allowed them to get through an entire project without having any glaring misses, but overall, nothing on this project hits the heights of either of their melodic potential. As far as the music goes, the highlights come at the beginning with “The Light” and to close it out with “Imitate.” Most everything in between is filler music; not terrible, but below each artists solo (and collaborative) capabilities.  The overall sound was more catered to Jeremih’s style than Ty’s, and thus Jeremih outshined Ty on this project more often than not, which is surprising considering Ty objectively has had more critical and commercial success as an artist. Credit to Ty for being a team player I guess, but I wish that he stamped his artistic authority down a bit more on this project to make it more of a 50/50 collaboration. All in all, this project should probably have been narrowed down to a 5 or 6 song EP; we didn’t need at least half of the tracks on here. Unfortunately, this will just go down as yet another hyped collaborative project that didn’t live up to expectation, further rendering the sentiment that hip-hop collab albums are becoming very played out.

Final Score: 69/100

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