Takeoff – The Last Rocket

The second Migos solo project is (finally?) here. The least popular (but many core fan’s favorites) Migo dropped his first solo project on very short notice last Friday. Takeoff is the quiet Migo compared to the rest of his groupmates. He doesn’t love to bathe in the spotlight like his uncle Quavo, and he doesn’t have the superstar wife that his cousin Offset is privy too. He’s the youngest of the Migos family by a few years and has been in the public eye since his late teens. Many kids at that age have trouble introducing themselves to their college floormates, let alone to the world. Being exposed to the smoke and mirrors of the industry may have disillusioned him from all of the glitz and glamour at a very impressionable age and may have shaped his mentality away from the limelight. Either way, he’s always going to reap the successes off of the group that he is 1/3 responsible for, and, because of the high profile nature of his group members, he didn’t have to step out of his comfort zone regarding his personality. His solo project is very intriguing for fans; he’s excellent on the mic, but many outside of the Migos core fanbase aren’t as aware of it the way they are of Quavo’s and Offset’s. And that’s where I come in. Let me see what’s really REALLY good with his solo effort.

Scouting Report

  • Technically the most sound pure spitter of the group, can spit the chopper flow with reckless abandon, delivery is very distinct and recognizable despite his low profile off the track
  • Ad-libs are just as good if not better than Offset’s and Quavo’s on any given songs, his yelling ad-libs are awesome most of the time
  • Has penned hooks for some of their some of their biggest songs despite being left off “Bad and Boujee”
  • Best Takeoff performances before The Last Rocket: Fight Night,” “Commando,” “Call Casting,” “We the Ones (feat. Tee Grizzley),” “Gang Gang


As always, make sure you reference this to understand my scores for tracks and albums.

  1. Martian (Intro): Long, drawn-out intro of a rocket taking off from Atlanta, his hometown. Simple but spacey instrumental, give Takeoff space to get into his flow,  which he delivers to good effect. 4/5
  2. She Gon Wink: Seamless beat transition by DJ Durel, best beat on the project overall. Takeoff acts as a feature on his own song, Quavo takes over and shines big time. 4/5
  3. None to Me: Simple instrumental with some spacey synths, sticks with the theme. Short song, Takeoff raps about his extravagant rapper lifestyle and how it’s normal for him. 3.5/5
  4. Vacation: Heavier bass and faster paced instrumental. Spoken word hook, catchy as hell. Spits two quality verses mostly regarding flexes, some great quotables and ad-libs. 4/5
  5. Last Memory: Wasn’t big on this single when it came out before the album, but it’s grown on me. One of the better beats, very spacey. Takeoff switches delivery during verses, quality hook. 4/5
  6. I Remember: More of an autobiographical song from Takeoff here. Murda Beatz sets the tone with a darker instrumental where Takeoff gives anecdotes about his come up in the streets. 4/5
  7. Lead the Wave: Another strong hook, Takeoff talks about leading his people to success over another spacey instrumental from DJ Durel. Good full verses as well, particularly the second. 4/5
  8. Casper: 808 Mafia instrumental, simple complete with a flute and trademark hi-hat rolls. Excellent hook yet again, many metaphorical elements also. Strong verses again as well, still in his bag. 4/5
  9. Insomnia: Instrumental is exactly the same as Juicy J/Travis Scott’s neighbor, nothing special. I do like the hook better than that song, but verse long and is sing-songy, doesn’t work. 3/5
  10. Infatuation: This song is a total left turn from anything else on the project. The beat is much more upbeat and poppy, more of an 80s R&B style. The singer is Dayytona Fox, does his thing, Takeoff again acts as a feature on his own track, good verse. 4/5
  11. Soul Plane: Back to a darker, spacey instrumental here. Takeoff approaches the flow slower than usual but fits a lot of the same rap flexes in it that he’s done for the whole project. 3.5/5
  12. Bruce Wayne (Outro): One of the better beats on here to close out the album, many elements to it from Cassius Jay/Weezy. More of a melodic flow here from Takeoff, doesn’t really come off but does get personal about stage fright. 3.5/5

Final Thoughts

Takeoff might be the least popular Migo to the masses, but this album proves that he’s more than worthy of the plaudits that he sometimes avoids.  The record is a strong effort throughout with very few features, only Quavo and Dayytona Fox make appearances proving that Takeoff can carry a solo project largely on his own. The instrumentals are well-chosen; much of them a spacey vibe to go along with the title minus a risky left turn with “Infatuation” which turns out to be more of a move in the “right” direction. He also shows his songwriting prowess; though he doesn’t have the best singing voice at times, he’s very good at crafting catchy spoken word hooks and making complete songs around his bars. He gives us precisely what core Migos fans expect from him regarding his flows and his rapping performances as well; fast flows, great ad-libs, and is not afraid to switch it up from time to time. Overall, a substantial solo effort from the most underrated member of the Migos, comfortably one-upping his partner Quavo’s effort from a month prior. There won’t be any jealousy though; they are family after all.

Final Score: 78/100

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