Trippie Redd – A Love Letter to You 3

Ima keep it a buck; I had my doubts about this Trippie Redd fella. The red hair, the face tats, and the rap features he had with other rappers of a similar ilk didn’t strike me as something that would be very good. However, after I gave him a chance, I realized that I was being a hater. He actually does have some pretty good music. He’s apparently a bit different than the hip-hop I’m used to listening to and/or grew up on, but different is good sometimes. After all, the Wu-Tang Clan did tell us to diversify our bonds many years ago. This is the second project I’ve ever heard from him in full (first came earlier this year), and apart from that only a few other loose singles I’d heard from him prior, it’s the only music I’m familiar with from him. I have relatively limited knowledge of his music compared to many of the other artists I’ve reviewed thus far, so bear with me if you’ve been a fan from the jump. If you haven’t been a fan from the jump, or have some of the same close-mindedness that I had about Trippie Redd regarding his appearance, no need to worry. I’m here to help, I listen and give a verdict so that you can make your mind up on your own. With that said, let’s see what’s really REALLY good with this project.

Scouting Report

  • Only 19, came up in the SoundCloud rap era; one of the standouts and most prominent artists of that particular wave along with XXXtentacion, Juice WRLD, Lil Pump, etc. Released 2 Gold and 2 Platinum singles in 2017
  • Like many of his peers, he uses melody over a spoken word delivery much of the time, more of a singer than a rapper
  • Includes elements of rock and roll in his music; content includes flexing, drug use, heartbreak & depression
  • Best Songs released before A Love Letter To You 3: Love Scars,” “I Kill People (feat. Tadoe & Chief Keef)“, “Dark Knight Dummo (feat. Travis Scott)” “Oomps Revenge,” “Underwater Fly Zone
  • Best Project released before A Love Letter To You 3: LIFE’S A TRIP


As always, refer here to find out how I score tracks/albums.

  1. Topanga: Warm and upbeat instrumental, lots of layers including piano and vocal samples. Catchy hook and good melodies throughout, references gun violence and juxtaposes it with the city of the same name in CA. 4/5
  2. Fire Starter (feat. Emani22): Beat is fire, slower but many elements. Good introspective hook and angelic background vocals from Emani22. Only one verse but does the job. 4/5
  3. Toxic Waste: Slow and stripped down piano-laden instrumental prod by Diplo. Sad song, Trippie cries for help and yearns for love, sounds heartbroken. His grief is beautiful. 4/5
  4. Negative Energy (feat. Kodie Shane): Stripped down reverse sample, heavy bass, and hi-hats on this instrumental. More of a typical SoundCloud melodic rap song here from Trippie, Kodie Shane gives us more or less the same. Not great. 3/5
  5. Can’t Love: Nice guitar on this beat, more of a chill vibe here despite the bass and hi-hats. Expresses his frustration with his recent breakup with ALEK$ earlier this year. Great hook, feeling apparent. 4/5
  6. Love Scars 3: Third part of a very prominent trilogy regarding his music. More mellow than the previous two, more of a sing-songy vibe. Short and sweet but to the point. 4/5
  7. A.L.L.T.Y. 3 (feat. Baby Goth): Initials represent the title of the project. Hook feels a bit forced, rap cliche content. Gets in his feelings in his verses, but delivery isn’t as strong as other songs. Baby Goth has a decent voice, but delivery needs work. 3.5/5
  8. Emani Interlude (feat. Emani22): Excellent instrumental, has a beautiful piano and trumpet as well as live drums on it. Emani22 has excellent vocals, wish it was longer and got her own song out of this. 4/5
  9. Elevate & Motivate (feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Nel-Denarro): Amazing instrumental, bass and synth backing a beautiful piano and vocal sample. Street-based content, Trippie and NBA trade melodic bars to significant effect on the first verse, but Nel-Denarro steals the show here with his exceptional spoken word verse. Hook ties everything together. 4.5/5
  10. I Tried Loving: Slower and heavier instrumental here. Somber song where Trippie talks about dealing with his breakup by numbing the pain with drugs, delivery on the hook gets a bit repetitive though, gets off topic as well. 3/5
  11. Wicked: Has a spacey, underwater-sounding instrumental. A short track that’s pretty much all about getting high but in a positive connotation, hook talks about going to the moon and stars, catchy but repetitive. 3.5/5
  12. Loyalty Before Royalty: Stripped down acoustic guitar over heavy bass and hi-hats. The song is aggressive despite the softer sounding instrumental, Trippie talks tough and threatens his adversaries, cliche rap content for the most part. 3/5
  13. 1400 / 999 Freestyle (feat. Juice WRLD): Spacey instrumental with heavy bass and a cool flute. Juice WLRD shines by starting this song off with a manic first verse and chorus; fast and catchy flow, hands it off to Trippie where he continues the faster flow for most of the rest. 4/5
  14. So Alive: Chill vibes on this warmer instrumental. Content fits as he describes the feelings he gets when he’s with his significant other. The feeling is evident yet again on hooks and the verse. 4/5
  15. Diamond Minds (feat. Tory Lanez & Elliott Trent): Muffled and stripped down instrumental, slower and definitely more of an R&B vibe which fits the features; both of whom get OFF on this song. Exceptional vocal performances, especially Elliott Trent whom I’d never heard of before this, I’ll be checking for him in the future. Great song. 4.5/5
  16. Camp Fire Tale: Back to the slow and melancholy vibe on the beat to close out the album. Sounds sad but lyrics reflect the positive place Trippie is in. The slow pace of the song makes it seems much longer even though it’s only 2.5 minutes. 3.5/5

Final Thoughts

Even with the drop of his decent debut album LIFE’S A TRIP, I still had doubts that Trippie Redd could deliver another project of a similar level only months after he released his first full-length label release. The highlight tracks are definitely helped by the features on the tracks, and some songs do fit the SoundCloud rap stereotype. Nonetheless, he proved me wrong yet again with another decent body of work. There’s nothing that’s totally mind-blowing about this project, but it does prove that he deserves respect as a hip-hop artist outside of the SoundCloud realm. Trippie is not afraid to try different things on this project, he switches up his delivery many times throughout (sometimes mid-song) while still keeping the same elements and ad-libs that his fans love him for at the same time. The way that he juxtaposes his  The best way to describe this project would be: a collection of emotions. Trippie goes from a rough street exterior, to a depressed and heartbroken wreck, to a happy, carefree and crazy-in-love teenager multiple times all over the course of 45 minutes. Such phenomenal range (Bill Hader voice)! But in all seriousness, this project is worth a listen if you’ve never given him a chance just off appearance alone like I did in the past.

Final Score: 74/100


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