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Ima keep it a buck; I had my doubts about this Trippie Redd fella. The red hair, the face tats, and the rap features he had with other rappers of a similar ilk didn’t strike me as something that would be very good. However, after I gave him a chance, I realized that I was […]

The second Migos solo project is (finally?) here. The least popular (but many core fan’s favorites) Migo dropped his first solo project on very short notice last Friday. Takeoff is the quiet Migo compared to the rest of his groupmates. He doesn’t love to bathe in the spotlight like his uncle Quavo, and he doesn’t […]

Metro Boomin is one of if not the most significant producer of his generation. He’s been at the top of the rap game since 2014; since that time he has produced 19 platinum songs (most of which went multiple times platinum). He’s also been the executive producer behind Future and 21 Savage’s┬áMonster and┬áSavage Mode EP,┬árespectively. […]

Long Beach’s most exceptional rapper/Twitter personality/black activist/community leader is back again with another project. Vince Staples is a man of many talents. He’s smart, funny, honest, an entertaining musician as well as a colorful personality off the mic. Vince is just as famous for his great Twitter rants and interview hot takes as he is […]

Remember last week when I said group projects were getting played out? I’m going to exercise my Trump-given right by being a hypocrite here and say that The Alchemist has cooked up something sinister with this collaboration. Here is a refresher (or an introduction) if any of you forgot what this trio is capable of […]

Mick Jenkins is an anomaly in today’s hip-hop landscape in many ways. He’s a committed spoken word poet and lyricist; a style that most younger artists stray away from. He’s a Chicago artist that is around the same age as Lil Durk but did not follow the drill wave that catapulted his city and most […]

Group projects are becoming remarkably played out. With that said, this collaboration is something that could actually work. As two of the leading names in contemporary R&B, coupled with the fact that they have definite working chemistry with each other, this project would have garnered higher expectations if it wasn’t for the abundance of mediocre […]